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All about My Dad

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“My Dad” is a family owned business buying and selling houses in the South Florida area. “My Dad” is actually comprised of 3 Dads-Michael, Andrew, and Dwayne. “My Dad” has active members in the community working with organizations such as the Habitat for Humanity, Urban League, American Red Cross, Children’s Home Society, Boys & Girls Clubs, and the American Cancer Society. A portion of the proceeds from the operation of My Dad goes back into the community to support such foundations. “My Dad” is the founder of Dad’s Giving Back, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering communities with an emphasis on finding affordable housing solutions. “My Dad” sponsors community programs such as toy drives during the holidays and book bag drives in the fall for back to school for the kids. Members of “My Dad” are Realtors licensed in the state of Florida. Many of the homes purchased are fixed up and sold to first time homebuyers seeking affordable housing.

Our Process is Simple and Quick!!!

Make Contact

A seller contacts us by phone or by filling out a form on our website

Review and offer

We review the house and provide an offer immediately

Send contract

We send a contract to the seller—either by email, fax, mail, or even by in-person delivery

Set Date

Once we receive the contract, we set a closing date

Close deal

The seller goes to the title office on the closing date, fills out the paper work, and receives his or her money.

Review the list of Reasons to Sell....

Here are the principals reasons why Homeowners often sell:


Avoid Foreclosure

Health Problems




Bad Tenants




Ugly Properties

IRS Problems

1031 Exchange

Need for Cash